Welcome to PALDOM Systems

Many small businesses can’t budget for a full-time IT staff.
  Let us be your business, website and email systems IT staff when needed .

Our Mission:  To help you achieve your mission by providing the information technology  (IT) services that your business requires to thrive in a dynamic high technology world.


SMB Systems

We analyze, design, improve, install and support Small and Medium Sized Business, SMB, Systems.

Your SMB deserves the same technology and system benefits that benefit most large businesses.


Your website is an important instrument in your marketing and customer service activities.

We design, develop, install, upgrade and support your WordPress website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective way to keep customers informed about your business.

It is fast, current and easy to implement.


Technology and Your Business

Technological advancements seem to increase faster and become more complex than in the past.

We can help you sort out these changes to determine which advancements should be adopted by your business. We can then assist you in installing, maintaining and operating these systems. You can concentrate on running your improved business.


Your Partner

PALDOM would like to be your partner in making your business systems your most productive asset.

Our services are available as needed on a full time or part time basis. We can provide services for specific projects, for complete systems development and implementation, and for continuing support and systems enhancement.