Small and Medium Sized Business Systems — SMB Systems

Improving and upgrading your business systems is a continuing and mandatory process.
Let us help.

If your business is not continually upgrading to new and productive technologies, your toughest competitors are.
We will work very closely with you to evaluate the benefits of upgrading your systems and procedures.  We can then assist you in implementing and supporting the improvements.  Our experience spans several generations of technological development and its incorporation into SMB systems.    We continue this tradition as technology evolves.
Our software development services can help automate your unique business processes when generic applications are not sufficient.


SMB Systems
Gone are the days when small and mid-sized business (SMB’s) could not afford the variety of information system functions that only large companies afford.

Today, SMB’s need all the functionality of large corporations if they are to remain competitive.

We can tailor the adaptation of new technology and modern information systems to the specific needs of individual businesses.

Integrated Systems
To cost effectively obtain these systems requires the integration of many technologies and hardware and software components.

PALDOM has the capability to provide this integration and to support the resulting system’s operation.

The scope of integrated systems includes traditional internal systems plus the WEB, the Cloud and Social Media.

System Components
Business systems and accounting software, desktop productivity tools, data base processes, internet services and hardware, web site development and maintenance, remote access, email support, security procedures and software, possibly multiple operating systems and multiple computer platforms are among the many components whose operation must be integrated to produce a well functioning enterprise system.



SMB Business Services
Helping SMB’s to optimize systems involves the following:

  • Systems Analysis.
  • Systems Design.
  • Business Data Bases.
  • Software Development (Application Evaluation, Selection, Installation, Development and Support).
  • Systems Administration.
  • Email Account Management.
  • SMB Networks (Local and Wide Area for Remote Locations) .
  • Web Based Functions (Websites, Cloud Services and Social Media integration).
  • Email Marketing.
  • Consulting.


Examples of PALDOM Systems
These business systems are a few of the many systems developed by PALDOM

  • Accounting systems and Financial reporting.
  • Payroll and Personnel Systems.
  • Order Entry and Inventory Control for Public Warehousing.
  • Property Management.
  • Computer Control of Machinery.
  • Graphics and Touch Screen Operator Systems.
  • Data Capture and Processing from Remote Devices.
  • Employee Productivity Analysis and Reporting.
  • Computer Simulation Modeling of Operational Systems.
  • Sales and Data Analysis.