Website Development

Developing a successful website is a cooperative effort.
We want to work with you.

Our object is to develop your website so that it best serves your business goals.
Whether your goal is to document your business products and services, educate the public, advertise events or engage in ecommerce, we will work closely with you to make this happen.


Development Phases

Preliminary Design and Review.
We view this as a cooperative effort between you and PALDOM. Your input is crucial to preparing the site design. Our preference is to meet in person to outline the site requirements. PALDOM will then prepare a Draft Design for your review.

Domain Name Registration.
Register a domain name which best represents your business and website.

Web Site Specification.
PALDOM will prepare a final Website Design based on your review of the Draft Design. A price quotation will be prepared for your review and acceptance.

Web Server Setup.
This phase involves preparing the web server for hosting your website and for installing and configuring WordPress.

Email Setup and testing.
Set up email accounts for employees on the web server.  Configure email users’ email clients (phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers).

Draft Site Development.
During this phase we will work with you to prepare the graphics, photos, and content for the web pages.

A joint review of the Draft Site will produce the modifications needed to complete the site.

After final development and incorporation of changes to the draft, the entire site will be published to the Web Server and become accessible on the internet.

Your website promotion should begin as soon as the site is published.  See our Promotion page for more information.

Design Considerations

Site purpose.
What do you hope to achieve with your website?   What functions do want it to perform?  How can it best achieve your business mission statement?

Site Message.
What is the primary message you most want to convey to your website readers? This should tie in with your goals and mission statement for the site.

Site Promotion Methods.
Outline your site promotion plan before the design is final. You can make sure that the site content is oriented to the same market segment as your promotional efforts.

Content Development and Maintenance.
By using WordPress, all your web page content is easy to maintain. You may want to maintain your own content completely, maintain only some of the content, or have us maintain all of it. Planning your involvement in the design and maintenance of your site will help speed its development and may save money.

Some of the factors you should consider in helping design your site which affect its overall style and general impression:

  • Page Content and Layout
  • Masthead
  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Fonts
  • Graphic Images
  • Photographs