Websites for Business

Why choose between building a business website and a Facebook page, you need both.
Let us help.

Your Website is the Foundation of Your Web Presence.
We integrate your website, blog, email accounts, email marketing and social media.

Our WordPress Websites are Mobile Device Friendly.
Pew Research reported in an April 1, 2015 study that: 64% of all Americans have a smart phone, up from 35% in 2011 and 67% of smart phone owners use it for internet access.


Website Content
Content is a resource of information about your business mission, functions, services, products, marketing programs and incentives.

It may support many other functions such as Ecommerce, event calendars and galleries.

Blog Postings
Blog (web log) postings on the website are designed to present current and educational issues of interest organized by categories.

Reader comments and author replies are encouraged.

Email Accounts
Email accounts based on domain names provide close two-way contact through your website server with any interested party.

Email is accessed by many devices and services, such as: smart phones, gmail and Outlook.

Social Media Posts
Social Networks, such as Facebook, support short, current, two-way personal and business posts to members of the same network.

Posts may be shown on related website pages and blog posts, and website content may be shared onto social network posts.


Web Services
We provide a wide range of services in support of your website and web presence.

  • Design & Development
  • Hosting
  • Support
  • Site Backup
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Content Management
  • Expansion & Updates
  • Email Accounts Setup and Management
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
  • Website Analytics and Traffic Monitoring.
  • Domain and email forwarding.


WordPress CMS
CMS, Content Management Systems, greatly enhance the website development process.

Before adopting WordPress as our CMS, we spent many months of testing and analysis.  Testing and evaluating WordPress features is a continuing process so that we may bring the best tools to your website.

There are 5 major reasons to use WordPress (WP):

  • It is a very efficient development and maintenance CMS.
  • 74.6 million websites and blogs are based on WP,  it is well tested and developed.
  • It is an on-line CMS which is accessed with a browser and is independent of your Operating System.
  • It is mobile friendly, with many themes automatically converting desktop displays to mobile displays.
  • It has broad functionality which provides for easy expansion of your website and integration with social media.


We work very closely with each business to insure that the website serves its current and evolving needs.

You could Do It Yourself (DIY), but your time and expertise are better spent running your business.

We have the experience, expertise and well-developed tools to provide and support your website.

  • Unsurpassed personal customer service with flexible hours.
  • Integration with your other systems and marketing needs including email marketing.
  • Affordable.
  • Promotion–we help promote your business in person and where applicable on social media.
  • Open-minded, we listen.
  • Fast response for both site development and site changes.
  • Ongoing research and testing of new features.