Website Hosting

Selecting a web hosting service from the hundreds of candidates is a critical decision.
We have experience with several very good hosting services.

 Hosting & Domain Management


 Email Setup and Administration


 Website Security and Backup


Hosting is critical to your website’s success.
Your website resides on your host’s servers and is developed, maintained, and operated using the host’s services, tools, and performance.  Browsers access your web pages on the host’s servers and email is sent, received, forwarded and stored on the web server.


Web Hosting
What is It?
Your website must be installed on a web server that is connected to the internet. These are high speed connections which are required to provide rapid web page display. These speeds are much faster than is available through normal local DSL or Cable Broadband services.

Web hosting companies
Web hosting companies provide shared access to servers so that website developers and end users do not have to pay for expensive dedicated servers.

They manage all the security, backup and redundant internet access points necessary to provide maximum “up-time”. They also provide various services required to manage modern websites.

Accessing the host
The host can be accessed using standard ftp (file transfer protocols) supported by the internet. If you help maintain your own site content, you will be provided procedures and tools for sending updated content to your web server. We will provide training in the use of these tools.


Hosting Services
If we provide hosting
PALDOM contracts with two highly ranked hosting services. We also perform installation, administration and technical services associated with your site. This allows you to concentrate on your website without having to become an expert in web hosting services administration.

PALDOM can provide almost any hosting service required by a small business through our hosting contracts. This may even include making dedicated servers available to you as your site grows.

Your monthly hosting fee includes our Base Support Services.

If you provide hosting
In most cases, if the owner has contracted with another hosting service, we can work with the service.

We can help administer the site and perform the same website development services that we provide when also hosting the site.

Major Features
The following is a list of major features available through hosting with PALDOM. Many optional features and services are also available, some with modest additional costs.

  • 24/7 access.
  • Linux web server.
  • Disk Space per site, with expansion possible.
  • Backup to PALDOM’s computer or your own.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer per month.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Email forwarding – email may be forwarded to another email account of yours.
  • Password management.
  • URL forwarding – other domain names may be registered with forwarding to your main site.
  • Automatic domain name renewal notices.
  • Online support from hosting service, with 4 hour response through PALDOM.
  • Telephone support from hosting service, through PALDOM.
  • Chat online support 24/7.