Systems Support Summary

All business systems require support eventually for problem solving, upgrading, enhancing, operation and growth.
We can provide support for all your systems.

 Support Objective
The support objective is to maximize the benefits of your systems to your organization. This means keeping all of your systems running smoothly as well as upgrading them as your business requirements change and beneficial technological improvements occur.
We may also provide operation support for selected systems, such as: website management, email marketing, and ecommerce management.


Our Support Role
We concentrate on staying current with technological tools and procedures that may be of benefit to your business.

We continually provide our experience, knowledge, capabilities, experience and objectivity through support services to benefit your business. 

Base Support
These services relate to normal operation of the website and email hosting server and services.  Base Support is included in the monthly hosting fee.

  • Hosting configuration and WordPress setup.
  • Email account setup on  hosting server.
  • Email forwarding setup on hosting server.
  • Trouble-shooting and hosting server problems resolution.
  • Coordination of web services with hosting service.
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin updates as they become available.


Primary Support
These services relate to processes within your systems. These processes operate on your desktop and notebook computers, mobile devices and cloud accounts.

Services may include:

  • Setup and configure email managers such as Outlook for email support.
  • Business process support based on systems and software upgrades and additions.
  • Setup, configuration, installation, and maintenance of your computer system devices.


Application Support

  • Email Managers (Thunderbird, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail for example).
  • Email Campaigns (MailChimp and/or Constant Contact).
  • Ecommerce.
  • Event Management.
  • Data Maintenance and Backup Support.
  • Website and WordPress regular updates.


Support Methods

  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • Remote.
  • Web based access to WordPress dashboard by you or your staff.
  • On-site.


Support Plans

  • Basic hosting monthly support.  This is required to support the basic website and email services.
  • Hourly support provided as needed.
  • Continuing, planned proactive recurring services.  This provides for at least monthly on site support and systems evaluations to insure optimal system performance.
  • Operational services in support of applications, such as those required for email marketing data base management and ecommerce processes..