About Us

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We bring a wide range of experience in systems development to your business.
Our small business experience includes operating two small businesses, consulting and developing systems for many and varied small businesses, development of websites for over 30 customers, setup and implementation of email marketing campaigns, configuration of hardware and networks systems for small businesses, and software development, installation and support for a variety of small businesses.
Other software development projects include:  development of the first software system for controlling the highway cameras on the freeway system in Seattle, programming and installation of the first frequent flyer program for Alaska Airlines, development of a port planning computer simulation program used for evaluating port operations in Vancouver, BC, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Seattle, WA and Jakarta, Indonesia (as part of a long range comprehensive plan for expansion).


Pete and Liz Lawrence, Current
Peter A. Lawrence and Associates, Inc., PALDOM, is owned and operated by Peter A. Lawrence, (PhD., Stanford University, 1970, Industrial Engineering–now called Management Science and Engineering).  Pete has many years of professional data processing experience, has developed more than 40 major software systems and has been a consultant for 8 major projects.

Elizabeth B. Lawrence has a BA in Economics from Stanford University, 1968, and an MS from UC Berkeley, 1969. She has taught school and run her own small business. She first started developing websites in 1997.

Liz and Pete now work together on website development, email marketing campaign design and management and on small business systems development and support.

In 1984 Pete began developing a comprehensive set of business application development tools, including a data base management system. All current business applications are based on these capabilities. They make system design, development, support and system enhancement more efficient and less costly than more traditional programming methods. They also provide a more stable and more error free data processing environment.

Dr. Lawrence served for two years as an Army Officer in a major Army Material Command data processing center before returning to Stanford to study for his PhD., which he received in 1970.

He then began consulting with an international consulting firm in 1972. His major project with that company was a long range study to determine the future facility requirements for the Port of Tanjuk Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia. This study involved simulating future port operations under various economic growth plans.

In 1976 he left that firm to become an independent consultant and to develop business systems software. In 1978, Peter A. Lawrence and Associates, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Washington.

Our name, PALDOM, consists of Peter’s initials, PAL, and DOM, which is short for domains.

Company Projects
We have developed over 30 websites and many business systems.
Some representative systems are:

  • Development of over 30 websites for small businesses.
  • Email marketing campaign management for small lists (100) to large lists (over 10,000).
  • Wireless network setup and configuration for a multiple resident facility.
  • Multiple Ski Area ski school management and electronic timekeeping, payroll and personnel management systems.
  • In plant and on location carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair systems.
  • Public Warehousing Order Entry and Inventory Control and Management and accounting and payroll system.
  • Touch Screen real time control of freeway traffic cameras positioning and displays.
  • General Ledger Accounting with Financial Statements.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Payroll and Personnel Systems.
  • Order Entry and Inventory Control.
  • Public Warehousing.
  • Property Management.
  • Computer Control of Machinery.
  • Graphics and Touch Screen Operator Systems.
  • Data Capture and Processing from Remote Devices.
  • Inventory Management and Analysis.
  • Employee Productivity Analysis and Reporting.
  • Computer Simulation Modeling of Operational Systems.
  • Sales and Data Analysis.
  • Campaign Fund Raising and Reporting.
  • Construction Cost Accounting.
  • Marina Management.