Website Promotion

Website promotion is an ongoing process of communicating with your customers and prospects.
We have tools that can help.

It’s Up to You, Be Creative and Active
The more aggressive you are in marketing your website, the more valuable it will be to your business.
Website design, well developed content, use of analytic tools, integration with social media and an active blog may all contribute to the promotion of your business.


Search Engine Optimization — SEO

We want your website to be found easily by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Our use of WordPress and our design practices will increase your search engine ranking.

We use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your website activity.  We also use Google Adwords to help develop keywords and search phrases that will increase your ranking.

The search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, will not necessarily locate and index your site immediately. It may be several weeks before your site appears on search engine results pages.

Search engines continually scan websites with software called spiders, crawlers or robots. These spiders evaluate websites using many factors in an attempt to determine the importance of their content. Each scanned site is given a ranking.  The ranking determines how high your site is listed on search results.

Social Media, Blogs & Others

Social Media
Your website and social media activity are companion tools for communicating with customers and prospects and for up-to-date information.  Social media posts can be displayed on your website to facilitate this process.
Active website content and social media postings build your web presence and drive people to your website.  Always include your website name on your social media posts.

An active blog can help promote your business by educating your customers about your business, promoting various events and activities and by responding to their comments on your posts.

Other Promotions

  • Advertise in print media, always include your website URL.
  • Add your web site address to appropriate online directories.
  • Place signs in your place of business.
  • Add your website address to your email signature card.
  • Develop an email marketing program.
  • Place web only coupons or specials on your site.
  • Put your website URL on your business cards and brochures.
  • Be Creative.