Domain Name Regsistration

Your domain name designates your website and email.  It is critical in defining your web presence.
We can help you select and register your domain name.

Your Domain Name Links Your Web Presence.
Your website, its content, your Blog, your email, your website listing by search engines, your website activity analysis and your links to social media are all based on your domain name.

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Why Domain Names
Internet Addresses.
The internet actually keeps track of your website using a numeric address, such as:

Since numeric addresses are hard to remember and type, domain names are used as a convenience to represent the actual address.

How Do Domain Names Work.
When your domain name is entered into a browser window, the underlying internet software causes it to be converted to the correct numeric address which is then used to locate your website. While this explanation is oversimplified, it indicates how domain names work.

Choosing Domain Names.
You may choose any name that is not registered by someone else. If you cannot register a name ending in com, then you may try other endings, such as: net, org, biz, or info.

Try to choose a name that identifies your business, represents your type of business and is easy to type.  This will help both your users and search engines in finding your website.

You may want to register more than one domain to protect similar names.  Additional names can be automatically forwarded to your primary domain name.

Domain Names.
By registering your domain name, no other user in the world can make use of it for internet purposes.

Registration Information.
Name, address, phone and email address of the registering owner.

Name, address, phone and email address of the owner’s administrative contact.

Name, address, phone and email address of the technical contact.

Number of years to register, 1 to 10.

Trademark Warning.
While you may register a name, you may not be able to use it in promoting your company or website. If another party has already obtained a trademark for that name, you may be prevented from using it in commerce. This is a warning, not legal advice. Therefore, you may want to search trademark records before registering an otherwise available domain name.