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2015 PALDOM RATE SCHEDULE -- Effective May 1, 2015


These rates apply to the comprehensive support of overall business systems design, implementation and support on a continuing basis. In this role, Paldom, acts as an technology support staff on a regular and as needed basis. This allows small businesses to have the technology support services of an in house staff, but without having to staff up and pay for a full time in house staff.

Hourly Rate Schedule

The hourly rate schedule below applies to all types of consulting and computer systems design, development, implementation and support services provided by Peter A. Lawrence and Associates, Inc.

Reduced Rates with Support Agreement

Reduced rates apply to customers with support agreements only and are in the schedule below. These rates are based on the total number of paid hours of service by a customer in a calendar year, January 1, through December 31. Accumulations start at zero each January 1. When the total hours paid reaches a new level of rate reduction in the schedule, the new rate applies only to those hours in the range specified in the table, there is no retro-active credit for previous hours paid at higher rates. Hours of services covered by a support agreement are not counted in determining rate levels.

Minimum Charges

Minimum charges apply to on-site visits of 2 hours locally, and 3 or more hours depending on the distance traveled to sites beyond 30 miles from Seattle or outside driving distances from Seattle.

Phone Support

Phone support and advice, in the absence of a formal support agreement, will be billed at the current rate in increments of one-tenth of an hour up to the total time for each call. The minimum charge is for one-tenth of an hour.

Other Charges

Other charges, such as for hardware, materials, travel costs, per diem, and third party services, will be billed only with prior agreement from the customer.


Rates without a support agreement are subject to change without notice.

Rates with a support agreement are subject to change semi-annually.

See the Support Fees page for support agreement services and charges.

See the Web Services Pricing Page for web development and support fees.

Hourly Rate Schedule

Total Hours in the Year

Hourly Rate Without a Support Agreement

Hourly Rate With a Support Agreement

0 to 80



81 to 160



161 to 480



481 & above