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Systems Design is Important

When Procuring a new system or updating an existing system, the maximum benefits will result if each component is matched to the overall business system requirements.

The best hardware configurations for one size or type of business may not be well suited to another size or type of business. The information processing needs of a small business may be greater than those of a larger company depending on the type of business and its products and services, Therefore, determining the system requirements for each component is very important and determines the overall performance and benefits resulting from the system.

Systems Design and Implementation Steps

  • Business Mission Statement update or development.

  • Business Process Analysis.

  • Information Systems Requirements.

  • Operational plan to utilize and support all types of desktop, mobile and cloud services that may be integrated into the system.

  • Security plan for all devices and services.

  • Backup and Restore plans for both normal and disaster recovery.

  • Computer System Requirements for new and upgraded hardware.

  • Software Requirements, capabilities and functionality.

  • Procurement, Training and Implementation plans.

  • Systems Operational and Management Support.

  • Continuing monitoring, upgrading and managing existing systems.